Following our philosophy, children will be inspired by passionate experienced qualified early childhood Teachers, so that they are happy, engaged learners.

Little Minds Early Learning Centre caters for all children irrespective of age, race, gender or ability. We only have two rooms therefore eliminating too many transitions. The Koru room is for our babies up to 2 years old and the Fern room is for 2-5 year olds. Through play-based learning, Teachers will follow the children's interests so that they can follow a journey of discovery. We foster teina tuakana relationships and encourage the older children and younger children to learn alongside each other as much as we can.

We are a small, privately owned childcare centre located in Te Awamutu. We are positioned alongside a thriving primary school and our modern, purpose built early childhood centre provides a perfect setting for learning. With an open plan spacious interior and creative outdoor play area children can explore, build, create, and investigate, acquiring knowledge and skills to prepare children for their lifelong learning journey.

Thank you for considering Little Minds Early Learning Centre for your child's introduction into the exciting world of lifelong learning.

Koru Room (aged babies to 2/3 years)

Welcome to the Koru room where we nurture care and educate babies until they are approximately 2 years old. We have primary care for our young babies and our respectful practice is based on Emmi Pikler’s philosophy.

We believe that each child learns in their own way, which means there can be a wide variation in the rate and timing of learning and in developing the capacity to apply knowledge and skills in different contexts. All children, through respectful relationships, are capable learners, who thrive when nurtured. Our small numbers in this room mean we can offer quality respectful care and education to all children.
Our combined outside area nurtures Maori Philosophy of teina tuakana where the younger children learn with and alongside the older children and vice-versa.

In the Koru room our ratios are 1:8, however when we have under two's our ratios will be 1:4

fern room dupulo little minds

Fern Room (Aged 2/3 years to school age)

Kia Ora. Welcome to the Fern room. This room is for children aged 2/3 years until they go to school (whether that be at 5 or 6 years of age).
Our children are transitioned to this room from the Koru room when they are ready. This is decided in collaboration with the Parents, Whaanau, Caregivers. Our team of experienced, qualified Teachers are passionate about working with preschool age children. Focus is on developing their independence as well as supporting and encouraging them so they become ready to embark on their next learning journey.

In the fern room our ratios are 1:8

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